Jonathan Holloway, Consulting CTO


I'm a CTO/Technology Director, Software Engineer/Architect and Engineering Manager with 17+ years experience based in London. I work with all companies from early, mid and late stage companies helping them as a CTO with people, process and product problems. Working across the UK and Europe, I bring a unique combination as skills with a strong engineering background and experience leading successful teams.

Interim CTO Services - Working with companies needing to cover a departing CTO, build a team, carry out project rescue. This includes finding a replacement CTO.
Fractional CTO Services - For startups/small companies who only need a few days a month. 
Free Consultancy Calls/Lunches/Days - I provide help via 30 minute calls, lunch-time slots and two half days a month to "social good" startups/scaleups wanting advice. 
Startup Product/Software Architecture Review - Product/architecture support for sole founders who aren't technical. 
Tech/Product Coaching - tech/product leadership and department/team coaching. 
Due Dilligence - with investors looking for product/engineering insight, for companies working with agencies or companies looking to acquire/bring in-house product/tech.